$29 Whitening for Life Takes 10 Years Off Your Smile Providing a Shiny, New Look!


$29 Teeth Whitening Special at Anderson Lane Dental

You don’t have to feel self-conscious about your smile anymore. While stained teeth may make you worried about smiling, there is a simple, safe, and affordable solution. Professional teeth whitening lets you smile with confidence.
Offer Details:

  • We will take impressions for custom bleaching trays at the initial visit.
  • In a couple of days, you will return to our office and we will provide you with the fabricated custom trays, whitening gel, and instructions for use.
  • Each time you return to our office for your semi-annual cleanings, we will provide additional whitening gel for free.
  • We also offer free teeth whitening after clear aligner treatment.

Adults with noticeable stains can greatly benefit from teeth whitening. Over time, teeth naturally discolor as the tooth enamel thins. This yellow or brown discoloration can also be caused by coffee, tea, wine, tobacco and soft drinks. Teeth whitening can reverse this process and bring back that youthful white appearance you once had.

Supermarkets and drug stores offer multiple products that claim to whiten your teeth. While these products promise a perfect smile, they often leave you disappointed with minimal results. At Anderson Lane Dental, you can be guaranteed a stunning result, taking comfort that our professional procedure implements the safest and most effective means possible.