A Dental Veneer Can Improve Teeth with Multiple Imperfections

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Our dental team here at Anderson Lane Dental wants you to have a smile that you love and feels bright and beautiful, giving your self-confidence a boost. If your teeth have suffered unwanted tooth flaws like chips, extensive tooth stains and dental fillings that are discolored, it could affect the way you view your smile.

To help you enjoy a smile appearance that you feel proud, we can provide dental veneers to address multiple cosmetic imperfections.

This type of cosmetic dentistry is typically performed during two different visits with our dentist and team. First, we will need to perform a thorough inspection of each tooth that is destined for a dental veneer as well as takes dental X-rays to ensure the health and structural integrity are optimal for veneers. Teeth that are lacking in tooth enamel and may not be able to support a dental veneer may be better off receiving a porcelain dental crown.

Next, we use your smile to cast a detailed impression of the teeth that we send to a local dental lab to serve as a model for the custom-made dental veneers, which are created by technicians. Then it’s time to remove a small amount of tooth enamel from the face of each tooth to accommodate the dental veneers when they have been sent to our office. The veneers will be cemented into place at your next appointment.

If you are eager to conceal multiple dental flaws in your teeth, we invite you to contact our team at 512.459.4347 to speak with Dr. Gerald Pevow about receiving dental veneers in Austin, Texas.