A bridge is a dental appliance that is used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are designed to be cosmetically appealing and to restore proper occlusion. Like dental crowns, bridges are fully customizable and made of various materials, including porcelain and metals. Bridges are bonded to the surrounding teeth and are only removable by your dentist. To securely attach the dental bridge, our skilled dentists will place two dental crowns on the teeth or dental implants adjacent to the gap left by the missing teeth. These crowns are used to support the artificial replacement tooth, which is called a pontic. Your dental bridge in Austin, Texas will be custom made to match the appearance of your natural teeth and effectively restore your oral health and function. Dr. Pevow and Dr. Robbins may recommend a dental bridge in order to:

  • Enhance the beauty of your smile
  • Restore lost facial shape and volume
  • Improve your ability to speak, eat, and chew as normal
  • Prevent the remaining teeth from shifting into the space left by the missing tooth
  • Alleviate uneven stress on the bite

We invite you to call or visit us at Anderson Lane Dental soon to learn more about how a dental bridge can restore your smile.