Dental veneers are a thin shell of porcelain or resin that is bonded to the surface of the teeth. This can change their shape, shade, and position to improve the cosmetics of your teeth and smile. Dental veneers are also used to replace and restore any lost tooth structure where indicated, such as for teeth that are chipped, cracked, broken, or very worn. Because dental veneers in Austin, Texas are made of porcelain or resin, they are a very close match for the natural appearance of your teeth, ensuring that your smile looks beautifully natural.

Veneers often provide the opportunity to dramatically transform the aesthetics of your teeth and smile. They can enhance the shape of your teeth, make your teeth as white as you want, and give you the smile you have always desired. Additionally, dental veneers are bonded to your tooth structure, which gives them strength.

Since they are very thin, veneers are considered one of the most conservative cosmetic treatments available. Most of the time, very little or no tooth structure is removed before placing veneers. We invite you to ask your experienced dentists, Dr. Pevow and Dr. Robbins, how veneers can improve your smile. Our team at Anderson Lane Dental is committed to helping you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams!