Avoid the Damage of Halloween Candy

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This is a great time of year, especially for younger children. However, with the influx of candy in many people’s diets, this means they’re at higher risk for cavities. This is a serious problem because cavities can devolve into other issues when left untreated.

With that in mind, let’s look at exactly what too much Halloween candy can do to your teeth. Hopefully, this serves as an inspiration to moderate your intake this Halloween season.

While the sugar rush from a handful of sweet treats might seem to be quite the reward, it can have haunting consequences on the health of your teeth. Sticky candy, melted chocolate, and other confections can get trapped in the contours of the teeth. This promotes the bacteria in your mouth to bloom and exploit the tooth enamel to form tooth decay.

At the same time, residual sugars in your mouth feed the bacteria and help them reproduce in astonishing numbers. Not only does this contribute to the process of tooth decay, but it also increases plaque formation and the chances of tartar hardening on teeth.

Candy is great, but cavities aren’t. All it takes is a bit of moderation and a rigorous oral health routine for you to keep Halloween cavities at bay.

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