Caring for Your Smile in ClearCorrect™ Aligners

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If you are straightening your smile with the help of the ClearCorrect™ aligners, we congratulate you for going the extra mile to create a healthier smile using customized removable aligners. Today, our dental team is happy to share a few tips with you to care for your clear aligners and your smile during your transformation. We applaud your commitment to improving your smile with these thermoplastic polyurethane aligners and help you in any way we can.

— The first thing you want to do after taking out your aligners is to rinse them carefully with warm water to remove saliva and oral residue.

— You will also need to wash your aligners every day. Please do not clean them with toothpaste as this can scratch the material and make them more visible in your smile. We recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush and dish soap. Be sure to rub the inside and outside areas of the aligners gently. Once they are clean, thoroughly rinse the aligners to remove all soap traces of soap.

— Before snapping the aligners back onto your teeth, take a few minutes to brush and floss carefully. You want to remove bacteria which collect between the teeth and gumline. If bacteria are allowed to remain on your teeth while you are wearing your aligners, your tooth enamel can suffer.

To learn more about how to care for your ClearCorrect aligners in Austin, Texas, please contact Anderson Lane Dental at 512.459.4347. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Gerald Pevow, looks forward to helping you create a lifetime of healthy smiles!