How to Prevent Cavities on Halloween Night

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Halloween is a great time to dress up, fill your trick-or-treating bags with candy, and scare the neighbors, but what many don’t know is that Halloween is also a great time for cavities to attack your smile. To help you prevent cavities on Halloween night, we strongly recommend doing the following:

Brush away the sugar
After you go out on your trick-or-treating journey, be sure to brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste when you are done eating your many treats. Brushing the sugar away will help your smile remain free from cavities. So, make sure you brush each time you eat the candy that fills your bag.

Make a candy plan
There are times when you can go a little overboard with the Halloween treats, which is why it is important to make a candy plan. There are many plans that can help you, like hide the candy and slowly eat it over time, set a limit on the number of houses you visit, use a smaller bag, or trade your candy in for a non-sugar reward. These plans will help protect your smile from tooth decay on this Halloween night.

Trade the candy for a not-so-sweet reward
Talk to your parents about trading your candy for a not-so-sweet reward. This reward could be a toy you have wanted for some time or maybe an activity you have wanted to try. These candy swaps are great ways to experience the fun trick-or-treating activity without overloading on candy.

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