How Your Teeth Get Cleaned When You Eat Celery

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Were you aware that celery can be great for your oral health? It’s true! Celery is one of the greatest things you can consume for your oral health, and it’s even been defined as nature’s toothbrush. Find out slightly more about this dental superfood by reading this post, and ask us about great diet choices for oral health on your next checkup in our Austin, Texas, office.

Celery is called nature’s toothbrush since the natural fibers that grow in it make it useful for cleaning away plaque, leftover debris and the bacteria associated with them. Furthermore, celery enhances the health of your teeth and gums through the compounds it contains. It contains vitamin A, which improves mucous membranes, and vitamin C, which can keep your teeth from falling out.

Of course you can consume celery by itself, but it’s also delicious with dips like guacamole and hummus. Celery is awesome in salads, whether leafy green salads or salads like pasta salad or chicken salad. And no celery recipe suggestion would be right without ants on a log! (Just go light on the raisins.)

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