Is Conscious Sedation Therapy Right for You?

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If you are someone who is anxious about having dental treatment performed, you are far from alone. At Anderson Lane Dental, we have helped many patients with this condition with the help of conscious sedation. Our dentists, Dr. Pevow and Dr. Robbins are proud to offer this calming service for our patient in Austin, Texas, to have a relaxing experience while sitting in the dental chair.

You deserve two things from us, the best possible dental care in the comfort you deserve. This commitment has provided great relief and assurance to our patients struggling with dental anxiety and phobia. Let’s take a closer look at how conscious sedation can help to determine if it is right for your smile.

— Conscious sedation allows you to feel relaxed, calm, and comfortable during your dental procedure while remaining awake.

— Conscious sedation forgoes needles and injections, so your medication is painlessly administered. Dr. Pevow or Dr. Robbins will prescribe a pill which you will take before your appointment. Simply follow the instructions provided and bring someone with you to drive you to and from your appointment as the medication wears off.

–With conscious sedation, once the medication kicks in, you will feel a relaxing amnesic effect. Although you will remain awake during the treatment, you may feel drowsy and unable to remember all the details of your procedure.

If you would like to talk to one of our caring staff members about how conscious sedation might be right for you or schedule a consultation, please give us a call at 512.459.4347. Dr. Pevow and Dr. Robbins in Austin, Texas, are here to give you the quality dental care you deserve in a comfortable, relaxing environment!