Oral Health Care Helpful Hints for Halloween

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Oral health care and Halloween often don’t mesh well. However, it is extremely important to take care of your teeth during the season of sweets and treats. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a cavity, dental erosion, or oral accidents and injuries due to activities and treats that are abound during the Halloween season.

Most candies are overloaded with sugar, which is a product known for destroying tooth enamel. Furthermore, Halloween treats are often highly acidic, which can contribute to tooth decay and enamel erosion. To help protect your smile, avoid overloading on sweets this holiday and instead focus on healthier options.

Do not continue to eat sweets after the holidays are over. Once Halloween has ended, dispose of your candy so you don’t find yourself snacking for weeks on end. In addition, swap out your child or loved one’s candy with healthier options and rewards such as money, toys, or other incentives. If you need additional oral health care, visit our dentist for a check-up.

If you have any questions or concerns, or to set up an appointment with Dr. Anderson Lane, please call us to at 512.459.4347, or stop by our office in Austin, Texas. From everyone at Anderson Lane Dental, we wish you a safe, fun, and happy Halloween!