Dentures need to be cleaned every morning and every evening. It is best to clean them over a sink full of water or a towel as this can prevent the denture from breaking if it slips out of your hands. Remove debris by brushing with a denture brush. Paste is not required, but if you choose to use it, do NOT use toothpaste; instead, use a denture paste or baking soda.

Dentures also need to be rinsed after each meal. No matter how well a denture may fit, some food will get underneath the denture as you eat. If it is left there, it can irritate the tissue. So after each meal, remove the denture, rinse out your mouth, and then rinse the denture under running water. Do NOT rinse the denture in very hot or boiling water as this may cause distortion of the denture; instead, use warm to cool water.

Dentures should always be in one of two places: your mouth or a denture bath. The denture bath need only be filled with water, or you can use a denture soaking solution (i.e. Polident or Efferdent). Also, on occasion, you may use a vinegar solution (1 tsp vinegar in a cup of water) to help dissolve tartar.

In addition to cleaning your dentures, it is important to continue to care for you gums and tongue. It is not necessary to use toothpaste, but simply brush the gums and tongue with a soft toothbrush each night. Every day it is important to remove the dentures in order to allow the gum tissues time to rest. This can be done overnight or for a 3-4 hour period during the day. For more information on how to care for your dentures in Austin, Texas, please contact our experienced dentists at Anderson Lane Dental.