What You Should Know About Missing Teeth

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Do you ever worry about your smile because you’re missing a tooth? Do you ever have a difficult time eating or struggle to make certain sounds or to form different words? Luckily, if have any of these symptoms, there are a quite a few options you could try. Still, did you know that not replacing your pearly whites could eventually lead to a number of issues?

For example, a missing tooth can cause chronic bad breath. You see, if you have a missing tooth, your smile will be much harder to keep clean. This can leave you more vulnerable to gum disease. Similarly, a missing tooth may also cause your other teeth to shift. You may also have to deal with bone loss eventually, which could also lead to tooth loss.

Fortunately, there are many options you could consider if you would like to replace missing teeth. The first option you may want to consider is a dental bridge, which is useful if you’re missing several teeth. An implant is another solution you could consider. Dental implants are known to be extremely durable. Similarly, if you’re missing more than one tooth, dentures are another option you may want to consider. Each of these options is made to match your other teeth and will restore your ability to speak and chew comfortably.

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