Your Sensitive Teeth is Important to Treat

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Do you know how to care for your sensitive teeth properly? If not, then we can help you! Your teeth to take care of, which is why our dental team is excited to help you. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, then you do not have to suffer alone.

Our doctor, Dr. Gerald Pevow is qualified and able to assist you with your oral health care needs. Furthermore, our team at Anderson Lane Dental in Austin, Texas, is excited to provide help to you when caring for your sensitive smile.

Here is a list of tips on how to treat your sensitive teeth:

– Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush that is calm on your tooth enamel, so you are not damaging your teeth.
– Try a sensitive toothpaste to help your teeth feel better.
– Fluoride can aid and strengthen your tooth enamel, so choose mouthwash with fluoride in it to assist you.
– Visit your dentist every six months or if you experience dental pain. Sensitive teeth could be a sign of a cavity you can’t see, or another issue your dentist will need to address.
– Evade over-the-counter teeth-whitening treatments for a while. These whitening kits wear down your tooth enamel and can cause extreme sensitive teeth. If you want to whiten your teeth, always talk to a professional before beginning treatment.

Would you like help with your sensitive teeth? If so, please call us today at 512.459.4347 to schedule a consultation and checkup. Our dental team is happy to give you an oral health review and help you in any way we can.